7 Legal Points to Bear in Mind When Filing for a Divorce

Divo rce is never something that is planned for – the majority of marriages are entered into with positive and optimistic intentions, at a time when the  relationship  is strong. It’s common, therefore, for individuals to feel completely lost when taking the first steps towards ending a marriage. It’s a very stressful and emotionally challenging time, whatever your reasons for filing for a  divorce , and it’s often difficult to process everything and understand what to expect. So here are a few important points to help you on your way if you’re considering filing for a divorce. You must know your legal rights and legal requirements for divorce when you are planning to file for divorce. 1. Irretrievable breakdown In England and Wales, a divorce can only go ahead if the marriage in question has experienced an “irretrievable breakdown”. Of course, this is usually a given if one party is applying to bring it to an end, but the proof will also be required. This proof could be evi